Checking the place out…

Haven’t been here in a while, looking around, checking things out. Yep.  Everything is still here.

As hoped for, we are at a point where your medical crises are fewer and farther between.  This frees up some space in my head to think/worry about other things, which is nice.  We have made a couple of major changes/course corrections during the last couple of months, which I think I should document.

First – to hearing aid, or not to hearing aid?  That is the question.  At one point, we thought we were going to take the plunge; as it stands, we are waiting indefinitely until you are old enough to actually take a hearing test and raise your hand when you hear a sound (would this be around age 2?  I’m not sure).

Second – digestion.  I think we have this worked out (no pun intended) a little bit better.  We’re easing off the miralax, and ensuring you get 6 grams of fiber every day.  We give you a breakfast bar with 3 grams every morning, and try to give you high fiber snacks to get another gram or two in you every day, and then figure the last gram comes from your “regular” food.  You are drinking much less milk now, so that may have helped as well.  We’ll probably still need miralax periodically, but right now we’re giving it to you every few days, rather than every day, which is humongous progress.

Even though, at sixteen months old, you’re starting to get the will of a toddler, you are still a joy and a delight to me Miss M.  Always so full of smiles and humor.