One year ago today

Today is Miss M’s first birthday.  Last year at this time, I was sitting in a cold movie theater on a hot day, watching some forgettable action flick with your dad.  Your brother was at school, and your grandma was at our house.  We were due at the hospital at 3pm (me without food all day – hence the daytime movie date for distraction) for our 5pm scheduled c-section.

I’d really wanted a VBAC – well, sort of.  I felt like a VBAC was the right thing to do, but honestly I was scared of laboring after the experience I had with your brother.  I do not think, without modern medicine, your brother would have made it out alive.  We found out after his delivery that he was growth restricted and my placenta was 1/3 average size.  He was also almost 2 weeks overdue.  The attempted induction, followed by a dramatic emergency c-section with a nurse holding the monitor against my belly as I was unhooked from the walls and wheeled to the OR and prepped, waiting for his heart beat to recover after a contraction, with the anesthesiologist literally running down the hall -yeah, I didn’t want to repeat that.

So, when we found out about your clefting at our 20 week ultrasound, at first, we thought this wouldn’t change our labor plans.  But at the end, as I neared 40 weeks, we’d had one or two lower than normal growth scans, and one not so great non-stress test, and my doctor was getting nervous about my going overdue again.  So, we talked, and I agreed to a scheduled c-section the first business day after your due date, when I was 40 weeks and 3 days.  We did everything possible to get you out the week before – walking, stripping membranes – you didn’t budge.  I remember the voices in my head just screaming as I was being prepped for the surgery that afternoon – NO.  Wait.  I want to try an induction.  This isn’t right!  But at that point, it felt like I’d past the point of no return, multiple doctors and a whole staff of nurses was preparing to do the surgery and bring our baby into the world.

And, as it turns out, that was the best decision we could have possibly made.  I’m assuming other KFS babies have been delivered “naturally”, since c-sections haven’t been around forever, but I’m also certain that it leads to a long, hard, risky labor.  Your cervical spine and shoulders simply can’t move the way they would have needed to during delivery.  I’m sure we would have gotten you out, some how, but given I’d had a previous c-section and recovered fine, I’m now certain this was the way to go.  It’s strange, b/c that was the only moment during the last year when my instincts have been wrong.


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