A symbol of your strength

I thought long and hard after your first surgery about what I could do to “commemorate” the event, knowing there would be many more in your future.  Commemorate, not really the event, but celebrate that we made it through, that YOU made it through, and remind you of your strength as a child, for when you have to face difficult challenges as an adult.  I finally decided on a charm bracelet.  I’m following my usual method to ensure that a material purchase made now will still be “fashionable” to be worn 20 years from now – go with the most expensive brand.*  Seriously.  Think of Tiffany’s.  Works, right?  I didn’t go with Tiffany’s, because after all of the surgeries you will likely have, that bracelet would be too expensive to ever wear out of the house!  But, I’m hoping my second choice, Pandora, stays stylish for almost as long.  And, it works for me as retail therapy – time to start picking out your next charm.

*your dad would argue that is always my modus operandi – not true, not true, I know we are on a budget here.


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