Ask Me, Please

I’m not ashamed of my little girl.  I know she looks different.  I see it very clearly.  But I don’t know if I see it so clearly because I know, or because it is so clear?  Do strangers notice, or not?  Do they notice that she doesn’t look like everyone else?  I guess the answer is that sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.  But when they notice, I wish they’d ask, so I’d know that they noticed, and so that I could tell them just how amazing you are, Miss M.  Just ask me – why does she have two scars on her upper lip, what are those from?  Why does she hold her head at a funny angle?  I won’t be offended, I see those scars, that tilt, every day.  If you ask me, then I can tell you how incredibly special my little girl is.  I’m proud of her toughness, her resiliency, her shear willpower and determination.  But you won’t know about that, and I won’t have the opportunity to tell you that, unless you ask.  So, please, ask me.  I want you to know.


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