Instant Gratification

So far, your surgeries have been almost instant gratification.  At least, as close to “instant” as you can get when we’re talking about surgery.  Your tethered cord surgery was on January 9th, and less than 1 month later, it is like you are a different baby.  A list of the changes so far:

  • you are more flexible
  • you can sit with your legs bent to the sides, instead of almost straight out in front of you
  • you can sit for a very long period of time since you are so much more stable
  • the scoliosis in your mid/upper back looks visibly straighter
  • I think you have less pain and discomfort

The last one I’m really not sure about.  I think you were having some pain, and it hurts me so much to realize that.  You’d become very fussy during the 2 months before your surgery.  It makes me second guess why we didn’t postpone your lip surgery to do the back surgery first.  I don’t think any of the doctors even suggested this.  But I know it *was* a possibility, had we asked, and my instincts were freaking out a bit about postponing the tethered cord surgery for so long.


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