Another day, another doctor

So today Miss M and I visited the craniofacial surgeon who repaired her bilateral cleft lip back in October.  Repair is doing great.  However, we (Miss M’s daddy and myself) have noticed an increase in her fussy behavior and a decrease in her eating.  Often it seems like she is hungry, but just won’t take her bottle.  The result is not pretty.  From the surgeon’s perspective, it seems like her weight gain is less than stellar as well.  Since we’ve already been to our normal pediatrician, who pretty much blew off our concerns, the surgeon suggested we might head straight to a GI specialist.  I’m going to wait until after the holidays…maybe a week off work/daycare and some tlc will get her gaining again.  For now, we have a petite lil 6 month old, weighing in at 13 lbs 6 oz…

I fervently hope that my child grows to be big and strong so that she can handle all of the surgeries and therapy that she will deal with and experience minimal pain.  And I hope that I can figure out how to be there for her and lift her spirits when she does experience pain, fear, and disappointment.  I love you Miss M.


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